Catchup July 2022

“do not let the past disturb you – just leave everything in the “sacred heart” and begin again with joy”.


What a great message to begin my long overdue letter to you.

2 or 3 weeks ago someone said the stars were aligned to give me some rough times ahead.   

Wow.   Did I believe it?     I should have!

One day the following week I received a copy of Adrienne Germaine’s letter about her death – two hours after that I had a call from Hazel Henderson’s daughter about her finally going “viral” (to quote hazel) and that afternoon my niece called to say my sister passed on twenty minutes earlier.   

The impact was more than I can describe but my own new focus and friends have given me the energy to think about the future. Lovely prayers, cards, calls and visits have had a major impact in a very positive way.  

There is no doubt that helping in our building’s new garden, daily walks around my neighbourhood and along the river and NYC coming awake again after 2 years of lockdown– has given me back a lot of my energy.

Just returned from “thefirstn4years” trip to Washington for the Poor Peoples March.  People from every state were there to demonstrate against poverty and for the right to vote. I could not have wished for more to see such a huge crowd. The diversity of organisations from every state,  t-shirt messages, and boxes of posters and messages from organizations of every state in the union, all along Pennsylvania ave.  Turned out to be a huge surprise to this ole lady and lots of fun to see people I know. 

And then – the Supreme Court’s two dramatic decisions about guns and abortions.  The public reactions are far beyond what anyone expected.   I always seem to look for the opportunity rather than the problem – I pray our youth and diversity will wake us all up!!!!   

Recently I have had help from two creative young people packing up all my books and files.  I have learned so much from them.    We visited Princeton Mudd library to see 20 of our old friends, (20 years) its renovated space and its digital technology.   The remaining WWB memoranda I have unearthed will be added to SWWB’s archives.  The new digital tech that I also saw when I visited the President Truman library recently, makes SWWB archives available worldwide.  

Life stays a daily adventure thanks to friends, family and colleagues, commitment to laughing more and sharing the fun with more focus on the spiritual side of life and courage

Warm regards,


“Mi ka el  means who like god;
El is the beginning of the word elohim = god”

a recent email I received
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