Women’s Bond Club NY – 2013 Isabel Benham Award

The Women’s Bond Club 20th Annual Merit Award Dinner was held at American Museum of Natural History, New York on May 7th, 2013. The dinner was hosted by JPMorgan Chase & Co and honored Lisa Carnoy, Head of Global Capital Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Michaela Walsh, Founding President, Womens World Banking and 38 Rising Stars from across the financial services industry.

Michaela Walsh was honored with the 2013 Isabel Benham Award for her founding and continuing work with Womens World Banking. The publication of Michaela’s book,Founding a Movement: Women’s World Banking 1975-1990, has renewed interest in working with and learning from women entrepreneurs in many countries.

Business schools, women’s groups and gender studies programs have called upon Michaela to help them apply the lessons of the WWB history to today’s development challenges. Women’s World Banking was created by women entrepreneurs and people trained in international development.

Michaela brought to the mix her knowledge of the world of finance. This understanding, combined with her visionary approach and her deep commitment to solve the problem, was crucial to founding the movement. Michaela delighted the audience with her courageous career choices, including a decision to quit and move to Beirut in the 1970s because a manager had suggested she could not work there as a woman. Her later decision to dedicate herself to the provision of financing to women entrepreneurs inspired the room.

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