USACOR Workshop on Microfinance/Microenterprise

Michaela shared the podium with Andrew Oerke at a December 9 meeting of the U.S. Association for the Club of Rome (UASCOR) to review the lessons of microfinance with regard to ending poverty.   Both recalled experiences over decades and, finally, agreed that the willingness to trust ‘people on the ground’ was a vital component of international development that has been substantially overlooked.   A desire of ‘experts’ to tell people in developing economies what to do is standing in the way of sustainable financial growth.

USACOR Workshop on Microfinance/MicroenterpriseThe event included an annual report by Dr. Francisco Stipo, USACOR President.  Dr.  Anitra Thorhaug, Past President and Program Chair, led the workshop dialogue.  Dr. Andrew Oerke is CEO of Greater Caribbean Energy and Environment Foundation.