Catchup – Feb 2015

Wisdom is what you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.     –  Doug Larson

To all my families, friends, colleagues, everyone who has worked with me, friends on the web, and especially to those who have not been lost by my hacked emails, crashed computer, etc.   Thank you for staying connected.

Recently I found a quote that helped me understand my brain burnout after five years spent producing Founding A Movement. It is by the great writer Gabriel García Márquez, who just passed away.

When I finished one book, I wouldn’t write for a while.  Then I had to learn to do it all over again. The arm goes cold; there’s a learning process you have to go through again before you rediscover the warmth that comes over you when you are writing.

There have been many wonderful experiences since the publication of Founding a MovementFor me the most extraordinary was being part of the first global meeting of Stichting Women’s World Banking in nine years, which was held in Amman, Jordan, in November 2013.

I was thrilled to connect with so many members of the SWWB Global Network and to discover the enthusiasm they have for the voices of the founders, and for the work underway.

Michaela Walsh women-in-leadership-program-amman-jordanThe picture you see of me was taken at beautiful Petra, with two young women from NYC high schools who won scholarships to attend from WWB and Women’s Bond Club.

I continue to meet so many smart, committed, amazing young women who will carry us all into the future.

I am feeling truly fortunate with so many friends and colleagues and a life full of new adventures and ideas, some time to listen and focus on what these ideas and adventures mean to me and how they might fit into the future.  I plan to share some of these over the months ahead.

For now, I just wanted to send good wishes for the New Year, even though we are way beyond the traditional New Year greeting season.  I am planning to continue sending thoughts and wishes during the coming months.

Michaela Walsh
February 2015